Recommended attractions

Amalfi: located into the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi is an historical city. Its Cathedral, its alleys, the Paper Museum are the best things that you can visit here.

Ravello:  located up to the hill of Amalfi, Ravello is famous for its gardens on the cliffs and for its villas that represent arts and cultures of the Amalfi-Coast.

Capri: one of the most exclusive island of Naples Gulf, surely is Capri, where the fashion streets are the busiest ones, also with its Faraglioni Rocks represents the city of love.

Pompeii & Ercolanum: founded by Hercules, destroyed by the Vesuvius on the 79’ and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Poempeii and Ercolanum are the most famous ruins of Italy. If you come here, you should visit once in a life.

Vesuvius: one of the most popular destinations for hikers from all over the world, the Vesuvius enchants with its parks and trails passable till the crater.

The path of Gods: from Bomerano to Positano, the path of Gods is one of the greatest hiking, the best portrait of the Amalfi-Coast.

Sorrento: it represnts the best of the peninsula Sorrentina, full of beauty and style.

Naples: italians do not have any doubts about Naples, surely it is one of the most requested places, where arts and cultures meet each other and the traditions is the master.

Seaside village of Cetara : this characteristic village is known for its charming harbor and its long fishing tradition, in particular for bluefish and tuna.

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